CHU launches new energy comparison service CHUiSAVER ENERGY

Lisa Cochrane Strata News

CHU are proud to announce the launch of its new energy comparison service CHUiSAVER Energy.

The debate over energy is heating up in the face of increasing energy rates and power blackouts and shortages. This coupled with a number of new energy providers in the market means there has never been a more important time for households to review their energy plans to make sure they are receiving the best deal.

In response to these changing conditions, CHU is pleased to confirm it has partnered with Grouply Pty Ltd, an energy comparison website provider, to create the CHUiSAVER Energy Comparison Service. The CHUiSAVER energy comparison service provides CHU customers the ability to compare all of the available offers from electricity and gas providers in the market to find the most suitable offer for them. The service combines the best of comparison and group buying to source group exclusives and retention deals.

CHUiSAVER Energy will be the first non-insurance product of the wider CHUServices division currently being established by CHU as the market leader in the Strata Insurance sector. This is the first of many offerings designed to provide Solutions for Modern Living.

CHUiSAVER Energy is a joint venture between 4th Party Australia Pty Ltd and CHU.

CHUiSAVER Energy is offered via a proprietary digital comparison platform presenting a ranking of all relevant products in our system, including any exclusive offers, based on the key data for each client supplies. This data is used to find the best options for each client based on our calculation of the effective price per kWh that you would pay for a retail energy product.

CHUiSAVER Energy will be available from 27th March 2017.

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Bobby Lehane
CHU Underwriting Agencies