Australia’s’ first digital Underwriting Agency for Strata adds two more sections to its policy as optional covers

Rachelle Trayer Chu

CHUiSAVER, Australia’s’ first digital Underwriting Agency for Strata Insurance, has added the options of Legal Expenses and Lot Owners Fixtures and Fittings to its existing Residential Strata Policy as optional covers.

“With the growing demand for tailor-made strata covers and based on feedback from our intermediaries and clients, these optional covers were added with minimal extra cost.  This will help strata owners to have the backup and peace of mind, if they wish to opt for these covers,” said CHU’s Chief Disruptor Mr Ani Kakulapati.

“CHUiSaver was started with the intention of challenging and disrupting the traditional Strata Insurance products. Providing the flexibility to opt in or out of certain covers as required is part of that.  Through ongoing dialogue with our clients we are constantly looking to better understand, meet, exceed their needs,” Mr Kakulapati.

*CHUiSAVER offers a fully digital, fully automated customer experience and covers full policy life cycle in the strata market. CHUiSAVER is the only underwriting agency to offer this level of optionality and automation.


For further information contact:

Ani Kakulapati
Chief Disruptor
CHUiSAVER Underwriting Agency
T 1300 201 021
A PO Box 756, Milsons Point NSW 1565


Rob White
External Communications Adviser
+64 (0) 210 851 6841