CHU launches Landlords and Contents for Strata Market

Lisa Cochrane Chu

CHU Landlords and Contents for strata banner

CHU is excited to announce the launch of two new products for the Strata Insurance Market. CHU Landlords and Contents for Strata.

Both of these are fantastic additions to our suite of insurance products and are available to intermediaries electronically on the CHU StrataTech platform, as well as to direct customers via the electronic quote forms at

In addition to being a digital offering, we have worked hard to differentiate our new products through their unique selling point on the application of excesses for multiple policies held with CHU.

In practical terms, if the Strata Plan is covered by a CHU Residential Strata Policy and there is a claim under this building policy, that has caused an admitted claim to the CHU Contents or CHU Landlords policy, CHU will waive the “Excess” payable by the Insured (Lot Owner or Tennant) under the Contents and or Landlords policy.

We feel this is a game changer in the Contents and Landlords Insurance space. Many existing policies have excesses that the consumer must pay when the damage to their assets was no fault of their own. This can place significant stress and financial burden on lot owners and landlords.

  • To read the full CHU Contents for strata Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording please Click Here
  • To read the full CHU Landlords for strata Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording please Click Here

While this is an important release for CHU, it is one of many innovations to come. CHU is committed to providing solutions for modern living and protecting all stakeholders in the emerging strata sector.

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Bobby Lehane
Chief Executive Officer
CHU Underwriting Agencies Pty Ltd