Guide to Making a Claim

How to Make A Claim

To make it easier for you, CHU offers multiple ways to submit your claim.

  • Online

    Submit your claim through our 24/7 online claim form. Follow the link to Make A Claim Online

  • Via our CHUniverse App

    Submit your claim in a few taps of your finger. Follow the link to download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store

  • Claim Form

    Use the Claim form and submit via email. Follow the link to Download the CHU Claim Form

  • Via Phone

    Contact your local CHU branch to speak one of our experienced claims consultants

Fair, fast and efficient

Assessing and paying claims is one of the most important things we do at CHU. Our claims service is fast and easy and in most cases a call is all that is needed to kick start the process. We turn standard claims around in 24 hours which for many customers means a cheque in the hand within a week.

Contact your local CHU Branch

Please call your nearest branch of CHU during business hours or alternatively call our after hours emergencies hotline on 1800 022 444, when you believe an accident has occurred which warrants a claim on the policy. We can recommend independent repairers and contractors who are experienced in the sort of repairs required in strata buildings.

CHU simplifies procedures to alleviate unnecessary paperwork on behalf of our clients. When a body corporate reports damage that it believes to be covered by insurance, actions are undertaken according to the type of damage. Minor damage, such as broken glass, should be attended to immediately. If the damage is major, CHU should receive immediate notification to consider options available. It must be remembered that the policy requires all reasonable steps to be taken to prevent further damage to the property eg. tarping a roof, or temporary shuttering.

Maintenance vs Insurance

As a general rule, the first question that must be asked in dealing with an accident is “does a claim exist?” This requires a distinction between damage resulting from wear and tear, and damage resulting from an accident. Policies are issued to cover accidental damage to insured property, not damage resulting from gradual deterioration. Gradual deterioration and wear and tear should be rectified by maintenance.

The majority of claims declined involve wear and tear and or gradual deterioration. Unless the damage is the result of, or associated with, a single accident, it is unlikely to comprise an admissible claim.

The Body Corporate should have an ongoing maintenance programme to ensure wear and tear and gradual deterioration are rectified before structural damage occurs. The sinking and/or administration (maintenance) fund should be sufficient to cover the expenses generated by the maintenance programme.