About CHU

CHU – The history

CHU Underwriting Agencies Pty Ltd (CHU) created the very first strata insurance plan in Australia and started trading in Sydney in 1978.

Today, 40 years on, CHU has grown to become recognised as the Australia’s leading strata insurance specialist, underwriting more than 100,000 schemes.

But success didn’t happen overnight or by chance. CHU has relied on long standing support from many in the industry and has in turn fostered active partnerships with managers, brokers, suppliers and organisations throughout Australia that represent the longer term interests of the strata industry.

An approach built on customer needs

CHU’s innovative approach in providing the best insurance solutions in the market centers around making life easier for our customers. CHU has consistently led the market and our knowledge and experience is unmatched, providing our customers with a unique point of difference, unrivalled throughout Australia. CHU’s professional staff and resources are dedicated to servicing strata insurance customers. We deal in nothing else, no distractions, only Strata, so the needs of our customers have our undivided attention.

The leading specialist

CHU’s sole focus is strata related insurance. We understand better than anyone the intricacies, risks and requirements unique to the strata market and for this reason our knowledge is constantly sought after by government and industry stakeholders.

Pace setting

CHU sets the benchmark for innovative insurance solutions and has maintained its market leadership for more than three decades because we constantly review and update our cover for Residential, Commercial and Community Association Strata Insurance Plans, so it’s the best and most comprehensive in the market. We understand that gaps result in cost to owners.


Strong long term relationships mean you have access to decision makers with expert strata insurance knowledge. Customers can speak with helpful CHU staff, specially trained and empowered to deliver the highest quality of customer care. Visit www.chu.com.au to arrange or renew your strata insurance or call us on 1300 361 263.

www.chuniverse.com.au is the dedicated online service for our managers and brokers, providing a 24/7 service.

CHU have a dedicated Emergency Hotline 1800 022 444 to assist its customers in need, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


CHU policies are underwritten by QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd, one of Australia’s most secure insurance companies.

It is for these reasons, and many more, why more lot owners choose CHU to meet their strata insurance needs than anyone else in Australia.